Connecting people and art

As Artvisor I provide an exclusive service to clients in their search for, and acquisition of, art by various Dutch artists. Personal contact is key. I strongly believe this brings value, especially in experiencing art. This even before the artwork has found its final destination.  

When I enter a room I am immediately drawn to the artworks that are on display. Whether it be a museum, a restaurant, a home or a garden. But empty spaces fascinate me equally. Led by my predominant interest for modern, contemporary and applied art, I start imagining what artwork would compliment and enhance the space.
I have been doing this since childhood having grown up in an art-minded family in which I was able to spend many hours browsing through my parents’ and artists collections.  I use(d) my romantic fantasies to imagine artworks being bought and displayed by new owners.

This also typifies my entrepreneurial spirit as I see many opportunities for meeting and connecting artists with art lovers and potential owners of art. I believe that personal contact and meetings at the artists’ studio are a significant part of the search for, and acquisition of, art. It defines my way of building a professional and sustainable relationship with artists and art lovers.

Roos van Harderwijk (1971, The Netherlands)