Keramiek Van Campen


Keramiek van Campen is the atelier of Andrea Boerman and Inge van Bogerijen. They have been working together since 2001 as ceramic designers, each with their own signature.

Andrea Boerman
Andrea Boerman has a fascination for infinite and repetitive patterns. The sources of inspiration for her work are the Moorish tile motifs in the Alhambra in Granada Spain, known from the mosaics that consist of a series of abstract, geometric shapes and mosaics formed like wickerwork. The infinite and repetitive patterns of Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher also intrigue her; an initially chaotic whole that, on closer inspection, accommodates a strict, almost mathematical arrangement and structure.

The braid motifs return time and again in the work of Andrea Boerman, with themes such as infinity, endlessness and organization. "The complex structure can only be discovered by following and viewing the lines that seem endlessly woven." This way the viewer discovers the principle of thoughtful, regular surfaces. 'What intrigues me there is an unlimited combination of the elements, which is why I wanted to find a form for my objects that would no longer have an ending or edge. By allowing the elements to disappear over the edge or to gradually evolve into a rough surface, I suggest infinity. It is a theme that always comes back to my work. '

In her current work Andrea Boerman tries to combine these Moorish influences with the scientific drawings of Ernest Haeckel and Maria Sibylla Merian. 'Although repetition remains important in my work, the visual language is changing as a result.'

The applied work of Andrea Boerman is similar in structure to her autonomous work. Plaster molds are made following the design, and subsequently, thanks to a specific pouring and baking process, glass-like, clear-white, extremely thin and softly translucent porcelain shards are created. 'The small size and fragile character makes these designs achieve the value of precious crockery in a cupboard.'

Inge van Bogerijen
Inge van Bogerijen’s work is always unique; there is only one copy of each utensil or object. The chosen forms are mainly vases and bowls, sometimes objects, usually made of coarse stoneware clay and shaped by hand. Starting points for new series are themes such as balance, contrast, wires, lids and fragments. The main characteristic of Inge van Bogerijen’s work is the combination of round and tight shapes, and lines and asymmetry. Her quest for balance and tension manifests itself in the addition of other natural materials such as metal, cork or wood, resulting in a combination of coarse stoneware clay with porcelain or in partial glazing of the work. The latter is achieved with stoneware glaze or by rubbing with oxides and dyes and often heated several times to no less than 1,200 degrees. In the end, every object refers back to nature.

Next to her autonomous work, Inge van Bogerijen makes necklaces of porcelain, inspired by natural, organic forms. She also makes urns for crematoria, funeral homes and private individuals.

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