Violaine Chapallaz


Photographer Violaine Chapallaz (1969, Lausanne) spent her formative years in several different countries around the world. It was then that she already developed a keen eye for light, location and composition and she is fascinated by details in structure and materials. She works quite organically, often without a script or plan and led by her feeling at that moment. “My un-commissioned work is usually a kind of self-portrait or a search for myself – this probably grew out of a reaction to all the prevalent rules that govern how a picture should be for commissioned work. What I see is what I capture and is a very personal reflection of how I feel.”

Since the nineties she has worked as fashion photographer for magazines such as Harpers Bazaar, Red and Elegance capturing models and special locations. These photographes also originate mostly organically. “In my fashion photo’s I am also constantly looking for surprises; special lighting or unexpected vistas. The atmosphere of the day is leading for my interpretation of the shoot.” 

Violaine Chapallaz prefers to work with natural light and outside in nature as this adds a sense of unpredictability. Capturing nature in its purest form. “Flowers are my muzes – flowers and leaves allow me to create framed mini worlds.”

For more more information or acquisition contact or +31 6 55 36 09 19.